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Even for those who have been practicing great dental hygiene, tooth loss can occur. This can make speaking and chewing difficult, as well as lower your confidence. If dental implants are not a suitable option to replace the missing teeth, there is another solution. Full or partial dentures can give you back your smile!

What Are Dentures?

When people think of dentures, they often picture a full set of teeth and gums, top and bottom, which are removable. While such dentures are an option for patients who have lost all of their teeth, there are actually many types of dentures which replace a few teeth, or even for replacing all of the teeth in the jaw. Some dentures are removable, and some may be permanent. Three main types of dentures are:
  1. Full Conventional Dentures: Full dentures are made to replace all of the teeth on the jaw – either just the upper, or lower jaw, or both. This is the most economical custom made option and they are tailored to fit precisely over your jaw and realistically replace your teeth and gums. Over time, as you experience bone loss in your jaw, due to missing teeth, the fit may become less perfect, leading to shifting, so other options may be preferred, if your budget and your mouth are suited to them.
  2. Overdentures: Overdentures do not simply fit over your gums, they fit over and are supported in place by either titanium implants, or by natural teeth, if there are some left. They are more expensive than conventional full dentures, however, they may be more stable. As well, the remaining natural teeth, or implants which support the dentures help to mitigate bone loss in the jaw.
  3. Partial Dentures: An excellent option if only some teeth need to be replaced, partial dentures fit between the remaining teeth and are held in place by clasps which grasp crowns on the adjoining teeth. Even in cases where a missing tooth is at the back of the jaw and not visible when you talk, or smile, a partial denture is advisable, as it helps to keep the natural teeth from shifting, due the empty space. There are two types of partial dentures:
While the loss of your teeth may be devastating, Dr. Sushma Bajaj will help you to choose the best option for replacement and ensure that your custom dentures are natural looking and comfortable, so that you will feel like smiling again.

If you are in need of Dentures in Burnaby, call Zoom Dental or use our online form today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sushma Bajaj.

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